The F-22 PRO

The F22 Pro Launches you into the next century of air combat. Giving you digital and analog programmability beyond the F16 FLCS, the F22 pro also offers increased durability, realism, and control. With a metal powder coated base, glass filled ABS handle, metal gimbal assembly, and heavy gauge spring tension, the F22 Pro gives you the edge you need to win in advanced tactical warfare.

  Dual-Stage Trigger
Heavy Gauge Spring Tension
Glass-Filled ABS Handle
Powder Coated Metal Base
4 Programmable Buttons
Four 4-Way Switches
Geared Potentiometers
Metal Gimbal Mechanism
Programmable in both Digital and Analog
Auto Download
Handcrafted in the USA

Suggested Retail Price -- $219.95
I E Net Price $154.00

"Having flown with the ProFCS for several years, I greatly appreciate the heavier, more substantial feel and better control of this stick compared with the 'sloppiness' of others I have tried. This is why I was delighted with the F22 Pro, with it's sturdy feel and precise control. As a bonus, the greater realism and functionality provided by the F16 style switches require the same 'piccolo playing' dexterity demanded of modern fighter pilots. With the F22 Pro, you can truly enter the world of air combat for the next millennium."

Robert L. Shaw
(Naval Institute Press, 1985)

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