The Grand Prix 1

Racing at your fingertips!

The danger of bumper-to-bumper drafting on a high banked southern curve. The skill of sliding unscathed around a European hairpin. The rush of hitting 230 mph on a warm Indianapolis Spring day. When you're ready to run with the best of them, you need the equipment that says race ready. And race ready means a high performance steering wheel - not some whimpy joystick or keyboard. Grand Prix 1 by ThrustMaster gives you the competitive edge with totally variable throttle and braking at your fingertips and lighting-fast thumb activated shifting.

  Variable Control Levers on Wheel for Aggressive Acceleration & Braking
Wheel Mounted Buttons for Quick Shifts
Padded Steering Wheel for Full Race Comfort
Dual Clamps Anchor the Grand Prix 1 to Your Desk
Two Dashboard Buttons
Works With All the Hottest Driving Games

Suggested Retail Price -- $99.95
I E Net Price $89.00

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