Phazer Pad

Advanced PC Gamepad

Out-perform, out-maneuver and out-score every opponent with Digital and Analog power! Dominate with the PHAZER PAD while lesser controllers are beaten to submission. Win with the ultimate combination of advanced functions and total programmability. Includes dozens of instant setups for the hottest games or configure each button to take advantage of your personal game play technique. Total control is yours with this ergonomically designed, cutting edge gamepad.

  Multi-player Gamepad - Use 2 or More at the Same Time
Includes Dozens of Pre-configured Setups for the Most Popular Games
Programmable 8-Way Directional Pad
Programmable 6 Buttons
Programmable 2 Triggers
Programmable Throttle Wheel
Rapid Fire Switch - For Single or Auto Fire
On-the-fly Programming Ability
DOS & Windows 95 Programming Interfaces for Advanced Programming
Completely User Programmable in Digital or Analog
Windows 95 Compatible

Suggested Retail Price -- $69.95
I E Net Price $46.00

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