TOP GUN Joystick

Go Ballistic

Own the official TOP GUN Joystick. TOP GUN excels in flight sims and action adventure games. With ThrustMaster's patented 4-way hat switch, three strategically placed buttons, and a quick action trigger you can't be stopped. Combined with TOP GUN's weighted base and low resistance boot, it won't let you down in the heat of the battle. For serious gamers, TOP GUN becomes fully programmable when used with ThrustMaster's WCS Mark II Throttle.

 4-way Hat Switch
3 Beveled Buttons
Weighted Base
Neoprene Grip
Low Resistance Boot
Fully Programmable When Used With ThrustMaster's WCS Mark II Throttle
Easy Installation

Suggested Retail Price -- $49.95
I E Net Price $39.00

"This stick rocks" - Denny Atkin - Simulations Editor - Computer Gaming World

"Tough and reliable like the F-4 Phantom, quick and deadly like the F-15 Eagle...TOP GUN by ThrustMaster is a real ace."
Col. Phil "Hands" Handley
The only pilot to achieve a supersonic Mig kill with guns during Vietnam.

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