The F-16 TQS

Throttle Quadrant System

Complete your arsenal with the F16 TQS. A true replica of the actual throttle found in the F16 Fighting Falcon. The TQS is completely user programmable allowing total flexibility in your programming options. ThrustMaster's TQS features a targeting cursor control, two dials, two 3-position switches, 4-way radio switch, arced throttle movement, and afterburner and idle detents. Never before has so much versatility been offered.

  Targeting Cursor Control
Authentic Military Design
Two Programmable Dials
Two 3-position Switches
4-way Radio Switch
Arced Throttle Movement
Afterburner & Idle Detents
Completely User Programmable
Requires F22 Pro or F16 FLCS

Suggested Retail Price -- $199.95
I E Net Price $149.00

*Please note TQS requires F22 Pro or F16 FLCS

"There's nothing like the thrill of a full afterburner climb out - to get your guns on an adversary. With your left hand on the ThrustMaster TQS and your right hand on an FLCS - you'll feel the g force. Log onto your favorite flight sim and you have all the ingredients for the realistic challenge of F16 weapons system HOTAS(Hands On Throttle And Stick). It may get more real than this - but you'd have to be pulling 9 g's."

Gen. Joe H. Engle
Ret. Space Shuttle Commander
X-15 Research Pilot
USAF Test Pilot

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